Try Outs? Not necessary for ‘one of a kind’ legal team!

“Talk is cheap,” and “actions speak louder than words.” That is why at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., we instituted our “Open Book policy” as well as our request to clients, potential clients, their families and witnesses, to “come see us in action. “ To our knowledge, we are the ONLY law firm in United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to do this.

When we ask other professionals, like lawyers, accountants and doctors about whether they would take on such openness, we are told that the very prospect terrifies them! “You let clients know where you’re going to be?” “You have strangers and clientele come watch you in court?!!?” The short answer is, and always has been, “yes!” We have nothing to hide. We are proud of the way we prepare and try our cases. And our openness differentiates us from all other law firms and actually promotes effectiveness and efficiency. Our clients, after coming to see us in court, know where to park, where to poop, where to sit, how to dress, what questions will likely be asked of them and how we get the great results we get for our deserving injury, workers comp and Social Security clients.

While Doug Landau had to try out for the Teaneck Little League base ball teams, as well as high school and college sports, the unique way the Law Shop helps injured and disabled clients has eliminated tryouts for legal counsel.

What is our open book policy? As recipients of our newsletters know, we put our calendar out there for everyone to see. The newsletters are also available through our web site.  Clients, their families and friends, and prospective clients can see when we will be trying cases near where they live; giving speeches or teaching closer to where they work;  and where we are competing in state, local, regional, national or world championship competitions. Doug has met with clients all over the United States, and even clients, witnesses and co-counsel in Canada, Israel, and Australia!

This open policy enables us to have potential clients come to see what we do, how we do it, where we do it, and even ask questions of other clients. Landau tries to schedule time after every single court case and hearing to meet with those folks who taken the time to come and see how jury trials, Worker’s Compensation and Social Security Disability Hearings are done in the real world. “Those cases you see on television or  in the movies are not real. Our cases do not end exactly on the 30 minute or one hour mark, nor do we get commercial breaks or have music in the background!” lawyer Landau notes.  “In fact, in workplace injury and federal disability cases, the judge is almost never announce the verdict from the bench, and our clients must wait weeks and months before they get the written decision in their case in the mail.”
Former Herndon Mayor Lisa Merkel has worked with Doug Landau & the ABRAMS LANDAU team to help save lives at local elementary schools. She appreciates his ability to “Cut Through” the BS and get the job done. Lawyer Landau admired Mayor Merkel; went to see her at her office during “open hours” and “in action,” and appreciated her allowing him to use the Towns Court room to prepare clients, hold mock trials and focus groups.

Landau feels there is no substitute for seeing actual court cases similar to your own. As he taught his National Championship winning Civics & Constitutional Law classes at Rachel Carson, “the entire system benefits when it is open to the public. It is an important civic duty to serve on a jury and to know how your government works. Going to see real cases helps all citizens understand our amazing system of civil justice.” Landau has taken groups of students from various Northern Virginia Public and Private schools to see him in court for “Career Day” and on other occasions, and served as a school group tour guide at the Fairfax County Circuit Court. (NOTE: Obviously, cases involving children &/or sexual assault would not be appropriate to bring in other clients to observe.)

Because of our unique policies and systems, we have eliminated the need for “tryouts,” as when a potential client is “attorney shopping. ” Doug Landau has no objection to this, as we all compare products in the store all the time. However, existing clients of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., expect us to be devoting our team’s time, effort and resources on THEIR case. Our wonderful clients are not thrilled when someone who is not serious about retaining legal counsel wants free legal advice or takes Mr. Landau and other team members’ time. Clients are not keen on their world-renowned counsel doing a “tryout” when he could be working on their case.  So, unless someone is serious about retaining our experienced team for their case, it is unlikely that Doug Landau will put aside work on another client’s pending file.

Landau has NEVER had a client say that they did not learn from going to see him and his team in court, nor has he ever had a potential client not retain him after watching lawyer Landau in court and observing other lawyers as well. As Doug says to these kinds of folks, “Come and watch. Pick the best lawyer that you see and the one that most closely aligns with what you want for your legal counsel. It is too important of a decision just to go by who has the fanciest letterhead, website or office.” We bought our easy to find  buildings in the Historic Downtown District of Herndon on the corner of Center Street and Stations Street NOT because they were fancy (they’re not!), but because they are friendly, handicap accessible, have outdoor porches for meeting with clients and their families (who like the porch swing!) and are close to the free Town Parking, courthouse and library.