Trial Advocacy partner Ervin Gonzalez withdraws from Florida Bar Presidential race

Having had a chance to work with some of the best lawyers in the world, Doug Landau has kept his close friendship to partners from cases, Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) programs and Law School.  Recently Landau was campaigning amongst the out of state Florida Bar Members in Virginia, New Jersey and the District of Columbia for his University of Miami Law School study group partner and friend Ervin Gonzalez.  Smart, hard-working, good looking, athletic, Ervin is the “real deal.”  A partner at the premier Coral Gables law firm Colson Hicks, Gonzalez is at the forefront of the Chinese drywall class action litigation.  “I am lucky to have been in his study group and to have worked with Ervin on cases in the past,” says lawyer Landau.   Ervin is also an instructor in the superb University of Miami “Trial Advocacy Program” which readies law students for trial practice.  While in Law School, Landau and Gonzalez were partners in the “TAP” program as well as the Florida States Attorneys Office.

Gonzalez has withdrawn from his formidable bid to become the President of the Florida Bar.  Citing the time required to act as a lead counsel in the Chinese Drywall Class Action Litigation, Gonzalez, a former President of the Dade County Bar Association, thanked Landau for his support and may renew his effort in the future.

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