“Trains, Planes and Busses” Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau discusses “Common Carrier cases”

Common Carriers are such means of transportation as busses, trollies, trains and airplanes. The term “common carrier” is important because the law places a high degree of care on owners and operators of these conveyances. Doug Landau is shown after a safe trip aboard an Ecuadorean Bus.

DSCF3474_dkwl_bus___natives.jpegIn a Negligence Personal Injury case against AMTRAK as a Common Carrier, the elderly plaintiff broke her ankle and had $18,000 in medical bills. This 63-year-old active housewife traveling on an Amtrak train in a sleeper car with her husband to the Sugar Bowl. While trying to climb down the ladder from her top bunk, the train suddenly jerked and swayed, causing her to fall and severely fracture her left ankle. The injury required immediate surgery, including the placement of 10 permanent screws in her ankle area, a long recovery and extensive rehabilitation. Amtrak settled for $90,000 before filing was necessary. The train company, as a common carrier of persons like the plaintiff, had a duty to exercise the highest degree of practical care with respect to the safety of its passengers on board. If you have been injured in an accident while a passenger on a bus, train, plane or other “common carrier,” please contact us at ABRAMS LANDAU right away, so that prompt, thorough investigation may be completed within the time limits set by law.

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