The Herndon Division of the Fairfax County General District Court

Doug Landau standing beside the Fairfax County General District Court in the Herndon location. The sign adjacent to Landau depicts that there is a 15-minute wait inside the court.

While Doug Landau does not represent clients in the General District courts of Virginia, he has nevertheless “appeared” several times to introduce staff to the proceedings down the street.

General District Courts are usually where Traffic Court is held, misdemeanor cases are tried, and even where Personal Injury cases are decided (with a jurisdiction limit of $50,000).

Often, the ABRAMS LANDAU Injury Law Team tries cases before a jury in the Circuit Court or the Federal Courts. However, Landau believes it’s important to familiarize staff with what clients go through in Traffic Court proceedings. Understanding why it is important to take down the testimony, and the process of presenting pictures and evidence can help set the “foundation” for a successful Personal Injury case after the criminal charges, animal attack proceedings, or traffic infraction matters are finalized.

The Abrams Landau Law Shop is located almost adjacent to the Herndon Division of the Fairfax County General District Court. It can be very educational to attend court hearings as they can help prepare for standard court proceedings, however, navigating the court may be tricky!

So, how do you get to this court?
A major portion of the Fairfax County General District Court (Herndon) is underground. Unlike traditional courthouses consisting of brick and columns, the court in Herndon uses a unique dome-like glass architecture. What you see from Street level is in fact, the glass elevator shaft. Underneath you will find the quart room, which has cameras all around, as it is on television, many nights for town, Council, historic, preservation, architectural review, and other important, governmental meetings. And each CTVAV room doubles as a cashiers window with the Fairfax court is in session. In addition, there’s a large conference room, where the Commonwealth’s Attorney (prosecutor) sits, and talks to the officers about the various cases, and even several small jail cells where defendants can be incarcerated temporarily. There are often signs placed around the building with arrows pointing to the direction of its entrance. In front of its glass structure, there is a stone separation engraved with “Herndon Council Chambers.” 
Signs, like the image above, are often placed around the court as finding the entrance can be tricky. The arrows and pictures help give a visual as to what to look for.

Where is this court located?

Just off of Elden Street, the Herndon Division of the Fairfax County General District Court is located at 765 Lynn Street. In the heart of downtown Herndon, the court resides next to many local shops and the historic Old Town Hall.


When is the court open?
The court is open and in session on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am. Visit the official website to look at dates when it is closed.
Can you send documents to this location?
No. Any mail that is meant to go to the Fairfax County General District Court in Herndon should be sent to
4110 Chain Bridge Road
Suite 210
Fairfax, VA 22030
Why is it a good visit?
Visiting the court can be informative. Watching other cases can help ease the nerves before a court hearing and can serve as good preparation. For those unfamiliar with Virginia Court procedures, a “scouting visit” can be a very good idea. One of the reasons for the Abrams Landau Ltd. open, book policy, and requirement, the clients go to the court, where their case will be heard well, then advance of their trial, is in order of juice, anxiety, and familiarize them selves with where to park, where to poop, and where the candy dishes are locat

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