Team Abrams Landau races and flexes its muscle at Herndon Festival

Herndon_Festival_family_5.31.09.jpegIt was one of the greatest days of my racing career. Having signed up for the Annual Herndon Festival road races, I knew that my eldest daughter and wife would also participate, as the running course goes right by the ABRAMS LANDAU “Law Shop,” not once, but twice ! Both the 5k and 10k follow the same course, which goes through the “Downtown Historic” section of the Town of Herndon, past the Court House, Municipal Center, City Hall and Library.

Imagine my surprise when I saw ALL 3 daughters, my bride AND sister at the starting line, in matching race singlets, with my brother photographing the scene. Not only had one of my daughter registered under an “alias” so as not to be discovered by her dad the “Triathlon Trial Lawyer,” but the girls had gotten up at 5 AM (!) in order to chalk the race course and decorate the ABRAMS LANDAU building with posters.

It was a wonderful day, for it was the day of my two older daughters’ graduation party and my youngest daughter had a soccer match later the same day. So it was really amazing that they got up so early, worked so hard and kept such a secret from their nosey dad. My son stayed at home to “hold the fort,” babysit for our nieces and nephews, and host all of our out of town guests.

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