Loudoun Fairfax injury lawyer Doug Landau examines drowning and pool accident cases

DSCF4974.JPGDoug Landau can always find a pool.  Shown here at the Saint Petersburg, Florida pool, the Loudoun, Leesburg and Fairfax injury lawyer notes the rules and the layout of this superb aquatic complex before joining their masters team for an afternoon practice.  Safe swimming is not just something Landau writes about and preaches, but he also practices by familiarizing himself with pool rules, open water swim guidelines and Competitive association rules.

DSCF4976.JPGHaving raised 4 children to be “water safe,” and rescued people in white water raft accidents, the Herndon Reston area lawyer is well aware of the many kinds of aquatic injury.  Drowning is one of the most common causes of death for children under 14 years old and every year more than 6500 people drown in the United States. A great many of these deaths could have been prevented – either through better safety precautions or increased lifeguard supervision. Even near-drowning can cause serious long-term mental and physical handicap and injury.  Unfortunately, pool related injuries and drownings are often caused by:

  • Untrained and/or inattentive life guards
  • Broken or inadequate pool ladders that enable swimmers to easily exit the pool
  • Failure to maintain water clarity such that someone stuck or drowning at the bottom cannot be seen in time for rescue
  • Overcrowded pools with too many people in the pool at one time
  • Inadequately trained pool staff and maintenance people responsible for pool upkeep
  • Defective pool light or inadequate lighting areas around pool
  • Failure to have a drain cover that meets safety standards (ANSI/ASME A112.19.8-2007)
  • Emergency phone near pool broken or non-existent
  • Failure to follow state law and keep pool logs
  • Broken or defective pool equipment such as filters, drains and pool pumps that affect water clarity
  • Failure to have clearly identified depth markers so pool users can see how deep the water is before getting in the pool
  • Lack of flotation safety lines that separate deep and shallow areas of the pool
  • Failure to maintain self-latching and closing gates that keep small children from entering the pool area without adult supervision
  • Lack of safety and rescue equipment, such as ring buoys or “life savers” with throw rope, shepherd’s hook, flotation belts, etc.
  • Vacuum drains that lack proper covers that can cause serious or fatal injuries, especially to small children

If you or someone you know has been affected by a drowning or other swimming pool accident you may want to seek legal counsel to advise you as to your legal rights. Experienced and compassionate legal guidance can answer many of the questions that usually follow after a tragic pool injury or drowning.  Contact us today at the Landau Law Shop or call us at 703-796-9555.

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