Spinal Cord Stimilation (“SCS”) Effectively Reduces Chronic Neuropathic Pain:

The American Academy of Pain Medicine (“AAPM“) has come out as supporting SCS.  AAPM members represent a variety of medical specialties that combine their focus on the diagnosis, treatment and management of pain.  Doug Landau and the team at the Herndon Reston injury law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., have worked with a variety of pain specialists throughout the country on behalf of our disabled and injured clients.  One of the more difficult types of pain to treat is chronic pain.
While often considered a symptom, chronic pain is itself a disease that imposes severe emotional, physical, economic, and social stress on patients and their families.  In its position paper, the AAPM notes: “Because unrelieved pain and suffering are too costly for society and for patients and their families, and because the implantable technologies are known to be efficacious when used appropriately in the context of the pain treatment continuum, not using these technologies because they are deemed too costly by some makes no sense . . . and ultimately increases patients’ and society’s costs.”

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