Social Security Disability money; who gets what and when?

My lawyer helped me file my claim and we won! But what do I actually receive?

Social Security Disability and personal injury lawyer Doug Landau hears this question all the time. He knows that the official legal jargon can be difficult to decipher, so he has given us an example of a case that was recently won and benefits paid. 


The Federal Administrative Law Judge found that Landau proved his client was disabled from performing any work. This resulted in a payment of  $30,000 in “past due benefits.”  In addition, this ABRAMS LANDAU client will receive monthly payments of $1,206 each month thereafter, increasing each year with Social Security’s Cost of Living adjustments.

The first page of the summary indicates that the defendant will receive a payment of $23,904 this coming month, and a monthly payment of $1,206 each month thereafter.

But how did these numbers come to be?

Here is how the money is broken down:

Of the $30,000, a premium due one month in advance is deducted, as well as a fee for the representative.  The total payment becomes $23,904.  A monthly payment to the disabled claimant is also awarded of $1,302. Once the premium for medical insurance is deducted, the Social Security recipient gets $1,206.  So of the first year’s grand total awarded, with all of the deductions, is $37,230.48.

Attorney Doug Landau does not receive a portion of future payments, and in SSDI cases, attorney fees are contingent (upon winning) and capped!  The client receives 84% of the $44,322 ($30,000 and 11 months of $1,302), in just the first year.  This is not atypical for ABRAMS LANDAU Social Security Disability clients.

The fees paid to our law firm turn out to be a very small percentage of the benefits won.  If you, or someone you know, needs help with their Social Security Disability Income case, please call or e-mail us today.  

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