Social Security Disability claims “Average Processing Time” National Rankings Report

The numbers came out this summer, and the Virginia offices fared well when compared to other states’ offices.  Herndon Reston area Social Security disability lawyer Doug Landau points out that it takes two and a half times longer for a claim in North Atlanta than Richmond or Roanoke Virginia ! 

Several offices of note include (Rank-Hearing office-Processing Time) [from NOSSCR “Social Security Forum,” Vol.30, No.5, May/June, 2008 at pp.32-34]:

1-Harrisburg, PA-295 days,
8-Washington (tie)-330
8-Charleston, WV-330
31-Ft.Lauderdale, FL-388
16-Richmond, VA-352
20-Roanoke, VA-368
51-Norfolk, VA-442
75-Alexandria, VA-490
78-Baltimore, MD-494
106-Columbia, SC-565
126-Miami, FL-652
131-Tampa, FL-682
146-Atlanta (North), GA-838

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