See a lawyer – get a check ?!!?

the OFFICIAL WAGE CHART that the Workers Compensation Commission uses to calculate their comp rate. And most new clients have no idea that there are many items of expenses that can be covered. Several have gone broke putting out their hard earned money for things that the employer and insurer should have covered.

Experienced lawyers who regularly represent people injuerd on the jobshould know what expenses are covered and which are not. In addition to the medical bills being covered (with NO deductible !) and the wage loss benefit, the employer and their comp insurer can be held responsible for those expenses that are reasonable and related to the medical care. In a recent case, Doug Landau’s client came to visit the Landau Law Shop in Herndon, filled out our forms supporting his travel expenses for his medical care. Apparently, The Hartford Insurance had not reimbursed the injured worker for his mileage to and from the doctors’ offices. In addition, he was paying for parking at a fancy doctor’s office. Within weeks of our request, the insurance company sent the ABRAMS LANDAU client a check for his mileage AND parking. The client had been giving the Insurance Company an INTEREST FREE LOAN. After his visit with Doug Landau, this client received his check, which was free of state, local and federal taxes, netting him $397.75 for the hour he spent at the Landau Law Shop. Not bad for his first trip to our 120-year-old “home” in the Downtown Historic District of Herndon, Virginia. Come visit us and see what we can do for you !

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