English family reunion ends in Florida disaster

in Florida and were driving along highway 50 when they came across an intersection, the Defendant’s vehicle did not stop and caused a terrible crash.

The Florida Police were called. Mr. Landau’s client was taken away in an ambulance. She was subjected to a variety of tests, including a CT scan. This Virginia real estate agent had seatbelt injuries, a sprained ankle and contusions. The other driver’s insurance, State Farm, called the client upon her return to Virginia, to tell her they would pay the bills. This injured woman sent them copies, but the bills were not paid.

Neither the client or her English family members were able to return to America for the Florida Traffic Court Hearing. Luckily, there was another motorist who called 911 prior to the accident to notify the police that the Defendant was driving erratically. The Police Report, together with Doug Landau’s pictures and measurements were sufficient to get her claim settled for more than all of the other family’s members combined.

Mr. Landau has worked for one of the largest Solicitors firms in the United Kingdom. Had they not been so hasty, the team at ABRAMS LANDAU could have helped these other family members with his contacts had they not given taped statements before consulting counsel, signed blank medical authorizations and agreed to “bottom dollar” “Quickie” settlements. These 3 “no nos” are described in greater detail in the Landau Law Shop’s free report on what NOT to do if you are in a car accident.Send for your copy today.

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