Public Justice Awards

Public Justice is a a public interest law firm whose mission is to:

  • protect people and the environment;
  • hold the powerful accountable;
  • challenge government, corporate, and individual wrongdoing;
  • increase access to justice;
  • combat threats to our justice system; and
  • inspire lawyers and others to serve the public interest.            (Source:  PJ website)

Public Justice, formerly “Trial Lawyers for Public Justice” (or “TLPJ” for short), often allies with law firms to take on litigation that may require more manpower and money than the actual clients’ firm may have at its disposal.  “When I went to work for the Trial Lawyer for Public Justice, it was a public interest law firm.  We would handle cases directly on “hot button issues,” as well as co-counsel on class action and far-reaching litigation,” recalls Doug Landau.  Trial lawyer Doug Landau, himself a long-time member and supporter of Public Justice, was Public Justice’s first law clerk at its Washington DC headquarters, over 30 year ago.  His father, Norman J. Landau, Esquire, was one of this public interest organization’s first members

Each year Public Justice awards the verdict or settlement that made the biggest contribution to the public interest in the past year.  The finalists were announced recently on the Public Justice blog.  Doug will be visiting with other Public Justice supporters, employees, former staff and officers during the Annual Convention of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) at Baltimore this week.