Cruise Ship Negligence Cases Require Special Counsel for Injured Passengers

'Canes David Singer & Doug Landau show "the U" at the American Association for Justice annual convention
‘Canes David Singer & Doug Landau show “the U” at the American Association for Justice convention

Very short time limits and requirements as to where claims can be brought severely limit the rights of innocent cruise ship passengers injured by the unsafe decisions and actions of crew.  At this week’s Convention of the American Association for Justice, Doug Landau was able to meet with cruise ship injury lawyer David Singer.

Both Landau & Singer received their excellent legal education at the University of Miami School of Law, in Coral Gables, Florida.  While lawyer Landau returned to Virginia to conduct his multi-state, East Coast injury and disability practice, Singer’s office is in Hollywood, in Broward County, Florida.  Singer pointed out to Landau that there is often only a 1 year statute of limitations (legal time limit) on cruise line injury cases, and that these cases must often be filed in a special court in Florida because of where the ship’s headquarters is located.  When travelers are injured on the “high seas,” the case may have to be brought thousands of miles away from the tourist’s “home port” if the ship is registered elsewhere.

If you, or someone you care for, have sustained an injury or illness on a cruise ship through no fault of your own, and have questions as to what laws apply, what rights you may have and how to protect yourself or loved ones, e-mail or call us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. (703-796-9555) at once so that we can help you find experienced counsel in the jurisdiction where your claim must proceed.