Orchestra member injured by parked car, calls on bike crash injury lawyer Landau for help

Because of our experience helping injured cyclists, our law firm was contacted by a member of a new York City Orchestra who was injured while riding his bike to work. While riding on the correct side of the street, this bike commuter was thrown to the ground when a motorist flung open the car door directly in the unsuspecting cyclist’s path. The bike rider shattered his arm and had to under go surgery. With orthopedic hardware in his arm, he was unable to ride his bike to work and perform many other activities of daily living that required reaching, grabbing, twisting at the shoulder, heavy carrying and lifting with his permanently damaged and scarred arm. Bicycle and sports injury lawyer Doug Landau was able to counsel this injured victim and a significant settlement was negotiated.

This crash reminds us of several of the “Safe Riding Tips” from the League of American Bicyclists:

  • Be Visible
  • Wear brightly colored clothing at all times.
  • At night, use a white front light, red rear light or reflector and reflective tape or clothing.
  • Make eye contact with motorists to let them know you are there.
  • And, Anticipate hazards and adjust position in traffic accordingly.

It is important to note that bicyclists can, and are, injured by cars and trucks even when these motor vehicles are not moving and their engines are off. Getting struck by an opening door, falling debris and slipping on leaking oil can all cause permanent injuries to cyclists sharing the road. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bike, car and/or truck crash, e-mail us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., or call 703-796-9555 today.

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