Once a “Band Geek” always a “Band Geek”

The Columbia University band
The Columbia University band

For three straight years in high school, I sat with my spats and plumed hat, shivering in the stands with the marching band, and never once saw a winning game !  That’s loyalty.  Luckily, when I got to Boston University and joined the pep band, I got to see the Terriers win the Yankee Conference Football Championship and the returning BU Olympic Ice Hockey Team members, fresh from their “Miracle on Ice.”  So, to the charges of being a lifetime “band geek,” I plead “guilty as charged.”

Growing up, I would watch my older cousins in the Teaneck High School marching band.  My grandfather, William Abrams would also take us to see the Columbia University football games, where the antics of the marching band were always amusing.  So I was thrilled to attend the Columbia vs. Brown football game in New York City and get a chance to hear the marching band up close once again.  As nearly everyone in my family had attended Columbia for some part of their education, were were thrilled to see the Lions upset the defending Ivy League champions in an exciting game on a gorgeous Fall day.

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