Notations on Workers Comp Checks – TTD, TPD, and PPD – What do These Abbreviations Really Mean ?

TTD – Temporary Total Disability

If your check has “TTD” on    it, that stands for    Temporary Total    Disability.  A TTD check is for the time you are out of work, completely, with a doctor’s note.

TPD – Temporary Partial Disability

If you receive a weekly wages loss comp check with “TPD” on it, that stands forTemporary Partial Disability.  It is for when your doctor has released you to “light duty,” “Part time work” or “Restricted Duty Work.”  It is 2/3 of the DIFFERENCE between your pre-injury wage rate and your current selective duty earnings.

PPD – Permanent Partial Disability

Finally, a check with the notation “PPD” is for Permanent Partial Disability.  This is the weekly check paid under a PERMANENCY AWARD.

Under Virginia law, an injured worker cannot get PPD at the same time he or she is receiving TTD.  The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission does not want people “double dipping.” However, under certain circumstances, a partially disabled worker CAN get PPD concurrently with TPD, but it very rarely happens.
If you or someone you know has been injured and are unable to work, and there are questions as to what laws apply or what the abbreviations on their comp checks actually mean, email or call Abrams Landau, Ltd. at once (703-796-9555).