Melissa Landau Earns DC Real Estate License

In fact it is not uncommon for people here to live in one state and work in another.

This is why Melissa decided, after more than a decade in business in Virginia, it was time to expand into Maryland and DC.

First up?  DC!

While taking a class in DC Fair Housing Laws late last year, Melissa, mother of 4 grown children — each of whom over the past decade has taken and passed numerous classes, exams, etc. — had this to say:  “Why leave exams and licensing to the kids when I can suffer along, right?”  She passed with flying colors and now is proudly able to help clients buy and sell homes in Virginia and DC.

Next month, she expects to complete the licensing requirements for the state of Maryland as well.

Congratulations, Melissa!

Melissa, who wears another hat as the Bookkeeper for Abrams Landau (as well as the controller over lawyer Landau’s allowance!), can be reached via email at or, or by phone at 571-437-7703.



2 responses on “Melissa Landau Earns DC Real Estate License

  1. Melissa Landau

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I especially look forward to helping people moving into our area who don’t yet know WHERE they want to live in our ever expanding DC metro area.

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