Mediation – How Abrams Landau Helps When a Plaintiff has Liens or IOU’s

How Abrams Landau Helps Injured Plaintiffs

At Abrams Landau our sole goal is to help an injured client become whole again.  Here are ways we help our clients when there are liens or IOU’s:

We Negotiate to Reduce Liens

We will contact an insurance company, a medical provider, or other creditor in order to try to negotiate a lower amount due for our injured clients.  We can often help reduce the amount due.

We Provide Interest-Free Loans for Attorney Fees

We usually do not require money in advance to cover the costs of building a case from clients who are disabled and out of work.  We hear often that judges are blown away at our level of preparation.  But, we don’t collect money from the plaintiff until the settlement is awarded.  It is akin to providing an interest-free loan for the duration of the case!  Most lawyers will not do that.

We Ensure Existing Loans are Paid Off

When a settlement is awarded, we will work with a plaintiff’s case -related creditors to ensure that valid, legal debts are paid off.  This really makes the person whole again, ready to start with a clean slate.

So If I Settle for $500K, Do I Get $500K?

Proper preparation of an injury &/or disability case requires an investment of “capital,” as well as time and personnel. The best lawyers in the Washington DC area know to invest their time, staff and resources in permanent injury cases in order to increase the likelihood of a good outcome for their clients.

Back to the original question posed in our last post.  The short answer is still “No,” but now that you’ve read the longer answer, you can see how liens and IOUs can really swallow up a settlement.

Health insurance payments, medical bills, attorneys fees, and other lien or IOU amounts are deducted from the gross settlement amount before the injured plaintiff gets his or her check.

But it is important to remember the ultimate goal — to make the plaintiff whole again.  By negotiating and paying off debts, and providing our up-front services free of exorbitant interest charges, Abrams Landau strives for the best possible result for our clients.

And we think we deliver pretty well!

If you or someone you know has been injured due to no fault of your own and you are seeking experienced, caring legal representation for your case, contact us at Abrams Landau, Ltd.  You can reach us by email or phone (703-796-9555).