Maryland construction worker wins, then settles, comp claim

he associated with local counsel in Maryland and agreed to represent him in this serious back injury case. They won before the comp judge, but the employer and insurance company appealed. In Maryland, an appeal from the Workers Compensation Commission leads to a jury trial on the issue of compensability (not on the amount of damages, which is set by statute).

Mr. Landau traveled to Ocean City several times for depositions, court hearings and trial. His local counsel, Brian Lee, had handled the original hearing before the comp judge, but Landau was prepared to take the case to the jury. Critical to this preparation was his pre-trial submissions to the Worcester County Circuit Court. Despite the Defense attorney’s allegations that: the claimant had no credibility in that his father was the only witness, he was a convicted felon, he had not been candid at his deposition under oath, the employee had been fired for assaulting his boss (the company owner), there was no accident, no new injury, and that the disability was due to the claimant’s prior, serious spinal injuries, Doug Landau and local counsel Brian Lee were able to achieve a settlement that accomplished the client’s goals.

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