Manassas Workers Comp Standing Room Only

Lawyer Landau, clients, families and lawyers who came to today's Virginia Workers Compensation Hearing in Manassas to watch and learn
Clients, families & lawyers who came to today’s Virginia Workers Compensation Hearing in Manassas to learn & see lawyer Landau “in action” in Court

The best Virginia lawyers are proud of how they help people and they want to help other lawyers assist their clients as well. At today’s Virginia Workers Compensation hearing in Manassas, the judge had to ask the bailiff to bring in extra chairs so that all of the people who had come to see Herndon injury lawyer Doug Landau could sit during the trial. There were even several lawyers that had come to see how lawyer Landau helps injured workers and their families.

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The folks that came to watch had their own on the job injury cases.  Some of these disabled workers had originally come to this country from Ireland, Pakistan, South America and the Middle East. They watched how Landau uses his computers in the courtroom, unlike nearly all of his opponents.  They were able to observe how the Herndon law firm ABRAMS LANDAU files its clients’ evidence ahead of time, and are ready to start trial early.  And the injured workers and lawyers who came to watch Landau “in action,” saw how he answers all questions after every Hearing for all of the clients and families who took time out of their busy lives to watch and learn from him in court.

If you or someone you know or care for has been injured and become disabled as the result of an accident at work or on the road, and there are questions, please e-mail or call our office (703-796-9555) and consider coming to “see us in action” as so many have done.  There is no better way to prepare for your claim than seeing the best Manassas Virginia lawyers try cases in the Courts where your case will be tried.

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