Long term use of heartburn and reflux drug Reglan may cause serious, permanent side effects

slow gastric emptying in people with diabetes (also called diabetic gastroparesis), which can cause nausea, vomiting, heartburn, loss of appetite, and a feeling of fullness after meals. Reglan increases muscle contractions in upper digestive tract. This speeds up the rate at which the stomach empties into the intestines.

However, like some other injury causing drugs, Reglan some negative side effects. It has been reported that more than 20% of the people on the drug long term have suffered serious non-reversible negative side effects such as tardive dyskinesia. The gastrointestinal drug Reglan, and other drugs containing metoclopramide, now warn about the risk of tardive dyskinesia, a neurological syndrome which causes involuntary movements of the lower face and body extremities.

The Herndon and Reston Virginia law firm of ABRAMS LANDAU has been contacted about potential Reglan drug product liability lawsuits for people who have developed tardive dyskinesia after long term use of the drug, usually more than 3 months, or use at high dosage levels. Reglan side effects can cause involuntary and repetitive movements of the body, particularly the lower face and mouth, even after the drug is no longer being used. The development of tardive dyskinesia is related to the length of time the drug is taken and the number of doses, with older, female patients, particularly at risk. Tomorrow’s post by Herndon Reston area injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau will explore side effects from long-term Reglan use.

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