Landscaping and Lawn Care Accidents – Foreseeable, Preventable, Inexcusable

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Landscaping, highway and lawn care workers injured or killed needlessly due to the failure of manufacturers and suppliers to provide Rollover Protection Structures (ROPS).  This is something manufacturer and equipment sellers have known about for more than 30 years.  Illustrative of the severity of the injuries these machines can cause, ABRAMS LANDAU has litigated settled several ROPS cases for clients from Wisconsin and Texas.

These landscaping workers were injured when the riding machinery they were operating fell over without rollover or roof protection systems in place.   These unsafe agricultural and landscaping products caused permanent brain damage and paralysis.  In the case involving a commercial farm laborer, the accident broke the worker’s back and severed his spinal cord.  These cases were resolved after litigation.  The settlements ranged from $1,500,000 and $6,200,000, and significant amounts of money were guaranteed and tax free through the use of structured annuities.  ABRAMS LANDAU landscaping machinery rollover lawyer Doug Landau commends consumer justice attorney and fellow AAJ and Florida Bar member Ed Ricci for litigating multiple claims against these manufacturers from his office in West Palm Beach

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