Landaus sign up for National Bone Marrow Donor Program

DSCF3253.JPGDoug Landau is shown here at South Lakes High School with instructor Faye Cascio after registering and submitting samples in order to become a Bone Marrow Donor.  The National Bone Marrow Donor Program came to the Reston High School in order to recruit new participants.  According to their web site, “On any given day, more than 6,000 men, women and children are searching the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) Registry for a life-saving donor like you. These patients have leukemia, lymphoma and other life-threatening diseases that can be treated by a bone marrow or cord blood transplant. For many of these patients, a transplant may be the best and only hope of a cure.”

Furthermore, “For a successful transplant, the tissue type of a bone marrow donor or a cord blood unit needs to match the patient’s as closely as possible. Special testing determines whether a patient and bone marrow donor or cord blood unit are a good match. The closer the match, the better for the patient.”  The Herndon Reston disability and injury lawyer was pleased to report a tremendous turnout.  Having represented people with these diseases before the Federal Social Security Administration and courts, Landau recognizes the impact they have on his clients’ and their families’ lives.

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