Landau thanked for letter to the editor praising Herndon Life Guards and Aquatic Safety workers

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Aquatic and swimming pool safety lawyer Doug landau
Aquatic and swimming pool safety lawyer Doug landau

After writing to the local newspaper about the excellent response by Community Center lifeguards and aquatic safety personnel,  Herndon Reston accident and sports in jury lawyer Doug Landau was personally thanked by staff at the Herndon Community Center.  Having seen many sports and aquatic injuries, from slip and fall accident,s near drownings, and defective products, Landau revels in success tories such as this.  Too often lawyer Landau reads about complaints and gripes in the “letters to the editor” sections of Fairfax, Northern Virginia and DC metro area newspapers.  So, he periodically writes to newspapers and others when there is something to say about a positive response to a serious problem.  Stay tuned for future “Op/Ed” pieces from ABRAMS LANDAU’s founder Doug Landau.

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