Landau chosen for another “Who’s Who” – but do they know “What’s What ?”

My grandfather William Abrams, whose name is found on the letterhead of this law firm, used to ask not “Who’s who,” but “What’s what ?”  While the company one keeps is indeed important, what some knows and what people actually do with their skills, talents and knowledge seems to me to be more important.  I recently received another invitation to be part of a “Who’s Who.”  The notification read as follows:

  • “You were recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent your professional community in the 2010/2011 Edition of Cambridge Who’s Who.  We are please to inform you that your candidacy was formally approved May 14th, 2010. Congratulations.  The Publishing Committee selected you as a potential candidate based not only upon your current standing, but focusing as well on criteria from executive and professional directories, associations, and trade journals. Given your background, the Director believes your profile makes a fitting addition to our publication and our online network….”

I will admit, that I was thrilled when I and several classmates were asked to be in the “Who’s Who” of Law Students.  We all went on to become good lawyers, teachers and members of the bars of several states.  But now I realize that these volumes and online directories are not used by the people who really need our help.  So I have not purchased any more of these handsome volumes or subscribed to the directories.  That’s “what’s what.”  If you think I am mistaken, let me know by e-mail at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd.

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  1. sekhmet

    Even more than that, don’t you think you can safely assume this is a scam? After all, it has a few typos in it, and from what I understand if you click on the link it will either ask you for money or ask for personal information. I also received this e-mail and knew it was a scam because there’s really no reason I’d be listed in a Who’s Who book. It definitely plays on people’s ego.

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