Injury and Disability Lawyer Landau has praise for Police, Sheriffs and Troopers who give fair Warnings

Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer or sheriff ? You immediately think, “What did I do ?” You look around your car or truck for your drivers license and registration, and wait for the law enforcement officer to approach.

DSCF5234.JPGWhen they tell you that you have a light out, expired sticker or inspection, and are going to get a warning, if you are like me, you heave a sigh of relief, thank them and see to it that the broken light is fixed, car inspected and taxes paid. I feel like I have won the lottery and tell everyone how wonderful our police, troopers and sheriffs are.  I am also “in the system” so that if I do not take care of the problem, I will get in big trouble if I am pulled over again without having taken remedial action. Giving warnings and recording the driver’s information makes for a solid case if the driver is picked up a second time for the same infraction. And, if the offending motorist is an “Habitual Offender,” the fines and penalties can be quite severe. So, the next time you are given a warning for some defect on your car, truck or motorcycle, thank the officer, sheriff, deputy or trooper and fix the problem.

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