“If healing after back surgery takes months, why should I get a lawyer right away ?”

This was the question posed by a damaged disc injury victim before retaining experienced leesburg lawyer Doug Landau. While it is a good idea to get the property damage and car repairs taken care of right away, the injuries from a car crash or dog attack can take months to heal.

Nevertheless, retaining a lawyer to protect your interests is important, and the earlier, the better. In many cases, an experienced lawyer can make sure the liability investigation is performed in a timely fashion, records are preserved and evidence is not destroyed. Trial lawyers can help with coordination of benefits and collection of medical and other records of losses such that insurance reserves can be adequately set. At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. we protect our clients from inquisitive adjusters and investigators, and being taken advantage of by the insurance companies. Plus, insurance representatives can stall so that the injured victim’s are bamboozled and their claim is time-barred. Our law office educates clients as to their rights, monitors their claims and medical care, and helps them conclude their injury claims in a timely fashion. In fact, we will often decline to represent injured persons who come to us long after their car crash, dog attack or other accidental injury because many prejudicial actions may have already taken place. Just as a master builder prefers to build their own sturdy foundation, our law firm prefers to start the case at the beginning, not at the end. No matter how good a lawyer may be or how much time, effort and personnel they commit to a case, if the case’s was not properly begun and its foundation is”shaky,” then the end result may not meet with the client’s expectations.

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