How low can they go ?

Every time the trial team at the Reston-Herndon area law firm of ABRAMS LANDAU think we have seen the lowest behavior that an insurance defense lawyer will go to deny or derail a meritorious claim, we are saddened to see even worse behavior.

In a case that will be reported in Lawyers Weekly soon, our client took her own life when the Insurance Company: denied medical care for her depression, disregarded the full requirements of her pre-injury job, and threatened her because her special Circus work Visa was about to expire. After her suicide (it was her second attempt), her family had her remains cremated after the Police had concluded their investigation, and sent back to their home country. The claimant was unrepresented, and her doctor had been deposed with no one, not even the patient herself, present to ask questions ! But what was one off the more shocking actions taken by an insurance defense lawyer, counsel for the circus demanded an “Exhumation Autopsy” and accused the unrepresented family of “Spoliation of Evidence.” See tomorrow’s post to see what these mean !

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