How low can they go ? cont’d (Exhumation Autopsy and Spoliation of Evidence)

“Exhumation Autopsy” and “Spoliation of Evidence” were the accusations against Doug Landau’s client for committing suicide !

In other words, the defense lawyer wanted permission to dig this woman’s body up, and have an autopsy performed !  It’s as though he thought he was on “CSI” !

He then accused this Bulgarian family of circus performers of destroying evidence !

Doug Landau agreed to represent this family in this workers comp fatality case.  The woman’s foot was run over by a forklift, which had complications, resulting in RSD, depression and suicidal ideation.  The end result is that, just as the insurance company’s own nurse predicted, the woman committed suicide.  Doug Landau conducted extensive investigation and depositions in Florida, where the family lived and the bulk of the medical care transpired.  An opinion was rendered by the former Chief Deputy Commissioner; both sides appealed and the case settled before an decision was reached by the Full Commission.

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