How Doug Landau and the Herndon and Reston Virginia injury and disability law firm of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. and its clients receive notification of payments DIRECTLY from the Federal and State Governments

Third, in our personal injury cases, when a case has been filed in Court, we typically have the client sign the FINAL DISMISSAL ORDER in addition to the Release and Power of Attorney. Because nearly all insurance company lawyers and law firms do not include a signature line for the injured plaintiff, we type it in so that the client knows that their case is settled. In addition, clients are provided with a written costs and expenses printout, which shows what liens are being paid and what money has been spent by ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. on their behalf.

With these procedures, we hope that every client of ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. knows what is happening in their injury and disability cases and has written documentation of the settlement, payment Orders and distributions in their claims.

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