How can there be a brain injury if there’s no skull fracture or bleeding on the head

Herndon Reston brain injury lawyer Doug Landau notes that there does not have to be a fractured skull, broken bones or even visible bleeding for there to be a severe and debilitating brain injury after an accident or car crash.  One reason is that the brain can be injured by striking the INSIDE of the skull.  Landau points out that this can be from what is called a “Contra Coup Injury.”  Contra Coup injuries occur when there is an injury to the opposite side of the head from the impact site. Contra coup injuries are generally thought to be an indicator of a moving head hitting a stationary, unyielding force or object.  Abrams Landau trial attorney Doug Landau points out that there does not have to be a fracture, bleeding, external head swelling or even discoloration for there to be an internal injury, such as results from Contra Coup.

See:  for an excellent movie demonstrating this form of interior brain injury.

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