Herndon Lawyer Doug Landau Asks Virginia to Fill Judge Vacancies

judicial resources than criminal cases.

If these errors in calculation are corrected (as we hope they will be at the conclusion of the Supreme Court’s ongoing study of judicial workload next November), it will be clear that the caseload in Fairfax means that the judicial vacancies must be filled.

In the meantime, a shortage of judges means delays in cases being tried in Fairfax County.  For this reason, Landau urges his clients and colleagues to contact their local representatives in the Virginia General Assembly by email, phone, or by letter.  Click here for contact information for members of the Northern Virginia Delegation.

Lawyer Landau is following the lead of the Fairfax Bar Association by saying, “Join me in telling our representatives that Virginia cannot postpone filling at least one of two vacant General District Court seats and one of two vacant Circuit Court seats, positions that are necessary in order to uphold and fulfill the Commonwealth’s constitutional obligation to its citizens.  Underfunding of our judicial system has a critical impact in Fairfax County, with its population of more than 1,100,000 people.  The judicial caseload is enormous and we cannot tolerate our citizens and businesses being denied timely and prompt access to efficient justice. Fairfax County is already facing overcrowded dockets and not filling these vacancies will result in lengthy delays in resolution of the cases brought before the various Courts in this Circuit.”

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