Herndon Employment and Workers Compensation Lawyers compare notes

DSCN0002_copy.JPGWhen Herndon injury and disability lawyer Doug Landau has an employment law question, he often calls upon Eric Welter, whose office is only one hundred yards away, in the historic Nachman Building in downtown Herndon.  Landau calls upon the senior partner of the Welter Law Firm, as Eric has extensive experience in the laws regarding hiring, firing and termination of employees.  Welter, likewise, has visited the ABRAMS LANDAU “Law Shop” in order to assist his own clients, which often include companies, franchises and small businesses with labor and employment issues.  While Landau’s practice focuses on workers compensation,  Social Security, injuries, disability and diseases, there is some overlap.  That is why the two lawyers compare notes, discuss strategies and evolving case law.  Shown here at Herndon’s Zeferelli fine Italian restaurant, Eric Welter and Doug Landau helping each other and their clients.

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