Herndon Courtroom Modern and Convenient

The Town of Herndon has some wonderful facilities according to trial lawyer Doug Landau.   The Town Council Chambers also serve as a Courtroom on Wednesday mornings.  The Fairfax County General District Court convenes in Herndon.  Traffic tickets and misdemeanors are heard by judges who come to the Town of Herndon along with deputies, cashiers and bailiffs.  The courtroom had many modern trappings, including microphones, cameras, drop down screen, handicap accessible and even a jail cell !   Abrams Landau has tried cases in this courtroom.  In addition, Herndon Lawyer Doug Landau has used the facility for “Alternate Dispute Resolution” (also called “ADR”) of a variety of Negligence and Workers Compensation cases.   The ADR modalities the Abrams Landau trial team use to help injured clients and their families include Mediation, Arbitration and Early Neutral Evaluation.  The Landau Law Shop is located only 2 blocks from the Herndon Courthouse.  There is free covered parking according to Landau, and it is connected to the Herndon Library and Town Hall.  Often, Abrams Landau clients park at the Town of Herndon Municipal Center.  The Landau Law Shop pays for parking spaces in the Town of Herndon’s shared parking program.  Doug Landau recommends that you stop by and visit this little-known aspect of the Town of Herndon’s services.  Shown inside the Herndon Courtroom, Maryland Co-Counsel Ken Annis is shown using the drop down screen to prove an Abrams Landau client’s location when he was injured in a golf course accident.  Shown outside the Herndon Courthouse, Abrams Landau staff members pose in front of the weekly Wednesday morning sign. 

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