Driver Distractions – Old and New

Distracted drivers cause deadly accidents. When Herndon Lawyer Doug Landau examines defendant drivers in car accident cases, the Abrams Landau trial attorney usually asks about distractions. In searching for evidence to prove negligence, Landau asks about the “new technology.” The Herndon “Super Lawyer” inquires about the use of cellphones, iPhones, iPods, Palm Pilots, Blackberries and other PDAs. Radios, CD players, Air Conditioner, Heater, Defroster – all these things can occupy a driver’s attention when they need to be focusing on the road and traffic. Likewise, Herndon Lawyer Doug Landau has learned, “older” technologies can also be a problem. CB radios, 8-track players, cassette tapes, can also be distractions to drivers. If you receive an important call or need to adjust technology in your car – PULL OVER ! It’s not worth an accident.

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