Good witnesses use their senses; Chantilly crash and accident lawyer Doug Landau on “Why there’s more than meets the eye”

Good witnesses can methodically recall what happened before, during and after an impact through the use of all of their 5 senses. These observers can not only recollect what they saw before and after a car crash, but they can also relate what they:

  • smelled (gasoline on the pavement, leaking transmission fluids, burning rubber from skid marks on the ashphalt, etc.);
  • heard (the horn going off before the sound of shattering glass, the back up warning before a large truck went into reverse, the screams of the other passengers to “watch out !” and the sirens of the ambulance, police and emergency personnel);
  • tasted (airbag propellent that had exploded into their mouth, blood, nausea, etc.);
  • felt (glass in their skin, throbbing from where their hit hit the windshield, burning from the safety air bags, upside down or sideways when the car or truck came to rest on the side of the road, a warm wet feeling seeking down the arm from a laceration, etc.)

If you or a loved on has been in a car accident, train wreck, bike crash, it is important to document and set down the important facts of what happened. One way you might get the most out of the recent memory of the event is by trying to go through the 5 senses before, during and after the impact when making notes as to what you recall. This is important to do while it is still fresh in your mind. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or crash, please contact us at ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. by e-mail or telephone (703-796-9555), as we may be able to help.

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