Good Dogs from Bad Dogs: Rehab for Michael Vick’s Pit Bull Dogs

Rehabilitating dogs trained to fight caught my attention, as I had followed the sad saga of Michael Vick and his dangerous Pit Bulls.  At ABRAMS LANDAU, we have helped many adults and children attacked and permanently injured by vicious and dangerously trained dogs.  An NPR news story examined what has happened to the canines since Vick’s arrest after the bust at “Bad Newz Kennels.”

The pit bulls showed clear signs of being abused and tortured at Vick’s Virginia fighting compound.  In my opinion, as Vick has never fully apologized or taken responsibility for the pain, torment, violence and suffering he facilitated, he should not be so soon forgiven.  However, I try to look for the good in any situation, and it turns out there was also a successful effort to rehabilitate the pit bulls rescued from his property in the Commonwealth. Many of these dogs found new lives as pets, and others live peacefully with other dogs in animal sanctuaries.  A new book, The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption, by a Sports Illustrated writer also tells the story of these abused animals and their new lives.

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