Flight 77’s widow gets Workers Compensation Award and supports the “Airline Ride Across America” raising funds and awareness for 9/11 crew victims

In addition to Captain Heidenberger, Doug Landau was also contacted by the widow of the Captain of Flight 77 which crashed into the Pentagon.   The Herndon Reston area injury lawyer was able to get her workers compensation benefits as the result of the infamous fatal crash on 9/11.  Even though she has left her home in Virginia after being hounded by the press,, she continues to receive weekly benefits

This widow was also a former flight attendant and friend of the Heidenbergers.  In 2006, Heidenberger approached her with an idea—a 33-day, cross-country bicycle ride to commemorate the 33 airline workers who died on 9/11.  This long-distance bike ride would also raise money for the memorial.  She rode the RV while the Captain and several others rode their bikes across the country.  The Airline Ride Across America raised $200,000. This magnanimous widower decided to divide the money equally among three memorial funds—those for United Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon—in recognition of the even-handedness fate revealed on that day: “It knew no ethnicity or age or gender—everyone was equal,” Heidenberger said in a magazine interview. https://www.bethesdamagazine.com/dec2007/dec1.php  Doug Landau salutes these clients’ efforts and wishes them success  in raising funds, and awareness, for the memorials and the sacrifices made by their co-workers in the airline industry.
For information about making a donation to the Pentagon Memorial Fund please go to www.pentagonmemorial.net.

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