Fairfax Police Inspect and Take Unsafe Interstate Trucks Off the Road

Fairfax County Police take nearly half the commercial trucks they inspect off the road due to unsafe conditions, equipment and actions.  The Fairfax County Police Motor Carrier Safety Unit has been randomly inspecting trucks throughout the County.   According to news reports, besides random stops, the unit has monthly location inspections at which it pulls dozens of commercial vehicles over at a specific location.  Trucks have been taken off the road for weight and suspension issues, badly worn tires, faulty brakes, steering problems, even cracked frames.  When the truck cannot be repaired on site, it is taken out of service.

According to the president of the National Private Truck Council, based in Arlington, Virginia, truckers who do not regularly maintain their vehicles make all truckers look bad.  Read in tomorrow’s post how even well maintained interstate trucks can still be in violating of the safety rules and present a danger to motorists on Virginia’s highways and local roads.

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