Fairfax Hospital Cardiac Center – state of the art facilities and doctors

DSCF0119.JPGMany times I have visited and spent time with clients and their families. However, I got to “walk in their shoes” recently when undergoing extensive medical testing. After a thallium stress test, chest x-ray series, blood work and echocardiagram, I underwent a cardiac catheterization at INOVA Fairfax Hospital. Dr. Ken Brooks and the team were wonderful. The facility is state-of-the art and looks like something out of “House” or “Gray’s Anatomy.” The only complaint is that there is nothing anyone can do to look sillier than in an “open in the back” hospital gown. Thank goodness for the “gripper” hospital socks. Not cool, but very functional. More importantly my heart seems to be fine, I am back to training, albeit at a reduced level, and hope to be racing competitively again soon. The recent events have enabled me to also see and experience some of the medical testing and facilities (Fair Oaks, Reston & Fairfax Hospitals) here in Northern Virginia. While I hope our clients do not need to go to these places, if they do, they should know that we are lucky to have such fine facilities and physicians.

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