Doug Landau volunteers to put on “Reunion Run” again for high school alma mater in Lakeville Connecticut as part of his service for 30th Reunion Committee

AHA_Fun_Run_2005.jpegDoug Landau, the “TriathlonTrialLawyer” enjoys competing in races all over the world.  The ABRAMS LANDAU trial attorney has represented injured athletes from all over the country. Landau also puts on small sporting events and volunteers at larger competitions each year.  In June, he will be heading to Lakeville, located in Litchfield County,in the NorthWest corner of Connecticut for his 30th high school reunion.  Like his classmate, and legislator Andrew Roraback, Doug has also been a member of the Litchfield County Bar Association for over 20 years.  While he has many duties as part of this class’s record setting Reunion Committee, he enjoys helping with the annual “Reunion Run,”  usually held on the school’s picturesque cross country and gold courses.  Here Landau (’78) is shown in 2006 after helping out Math Instructor Charlie Bell during an “off” year.  

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