Doug Landau to visit Equador and the Galapagos

Two years in the planning, Doug Landau and his family eagerly look forward to their trip to South America. While Zach Landau lived in Equador and the Galapagos during his Senior year at the Hotchkiss School, and Doug’s mother and sister have been previously, this is a first-tme for the rest of the Landau contingent. Zach Landau, who is bilingual, was there with “GlobalQuest” and managed to put his EMT training to good use by working on an ambulance crew and in an Equadorian Hospital. Like his father and grandfathers, Zach hopes to continue his scientific and pre-medical studies. One thing is for certain, Doug Landau will populate all the Abrams Landau, Ltd. web sites with pictures from this adventure.

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