Doug Landau challenges Vocational Experts’ Testimony in Disability Cases

Doug Landau took over this life-long truck driver’s disability case and set about to prove his inability to do any kind of work found in significant numbers in the national economy. Doug Landau presented evidence that his client could not even sit and concentrate long enough to get his G.E.D. after the truck crash and several operations. Landau had his client bring the bag containing all of his medicine bottles, and had the man’s father testify on his behalf as to his inability to even complete minimal activities of daily living (“ADLs”). The father gave SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of his son’s dropping things, tripping, falling and forgetting to take his prescription medications.

Nevertheless, the Vocational Expert hired to testify against the disabled claimant who had not worked since 2003, stated, under oath, that he could be a parts inspector, security guard or assembly line worker in the with the option to sit or stand as needed in the “sedentary, unskilled” occupation category of the “Dictionary of Occupational Titles” and that there were thousands of such positions in the economy. How Experienced Disability Trial Lawyer Doug Landau was able to handle such prejudicial testimony will be addressed in tomorrow’s entry. He is shown here, in front of the ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. building with his client and his client’s father.

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