Does an Undocumented Worker Paid in Cash still have a Workers’ Compensation Claim ?

Yes, possibly.  The first step in any workers compensation claim is to determine if you were injured “in the course and scope of employment.”  If you were injured on the job, the next step is to figure out how much your employer paid you every week.  Because many undocumented workers are paid “under the table,” or on a cash basis, proving how much your employer paid you every week may be difficult.  This is important because many of your compensation benefits depend on how much you were making before you got injured.   Your “average weekly wage” rate affects how much you get for lost wages, permanent injury to your body and the size of your settlement or Court Award.

Proving what your employer paid you in cash might be a difficult task, but with the help of the ABRAMS LANDAU team, the process can be smoother.  In order to prove how much employers have paid undocumented workers in the past, the ABRAMS LANDAU law firm in Herndon, Virginia has used a variety of successful techniques like examining bank deposit statements, receipts from remittances, eye witness accounts, and receipts from other money transfer services.  It is best to have is a “paper trail” of the payments you received.    

Additionally, the ABRAMS LANDAU team will help you factor whether you were provided uniforms, meals, lodging or transportation.  This usually increases the amount of money Herndon attorney Doug Landau gets for his clients.  Proving exactly how much the employer paid you every week will determine how much money you receive while you are not working-money that will help you and your family survive while you are recovering from your injuries.  

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