Dangers of Tanning Beds No Light Matter

as class I medical devices — on par with tongue depressors and elastic bandages — rather than the dangerous devices they are.

A young woman actually sued several salons after she was diagnosed at age 27 with melanomas.  She had been using tanning salons since her teens, with no one ever telling her it would increase her risk of cancer.  Two of the salons settled.  A jury found that three other salons were negligent, but that the negligence did not cause the woman’s cancer. (Powell v. Instant Replay Video, Inc., No. G.D. 10-017959 (Pa., Allegheny Co. Com. Pleas filed Apr.18, 2011))

When it comes to tanning — be it indoor or outdoor — the scientific evidence is there to show the dangers of exposure to ultraviolet radiation.  Lawyer Landau recommends staying away from tanning beds and always using broad spectrum sunscreens when spending any time in the sun.

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