Come See Herndon Trial Lawyer “In Action” – Doug Landau’s Cases, Races & Places

The bailiffs at our last several court appearances have had to get extra chairs to accommodate clients, family members, friends and witnesses who have attended Hearings in Fairfax, Manassas, Richmond Virginia as well in Washington, D.C. ! EVERY SINGLE CLIENT who has attended a Hearing weeks and months before their own “day in court” has agreed that it helped them enormously. These Hearings are nothing like what you might see on television and the best preparation for your own case is a “scouting trip” to see the best judges and lawyers in Virginia try real injury and disability cases in court. In keeping with our promise to enable injured workers and accident victims to “SEE US IN ACTION,” upcoming trials, cases, races and programs are set forth below. You will not see this from any of the advertising lawyers. In fact, we know of no other plaintiff’s personal injury law firm that has the courage to: (1) Encourage their clients to come to court BEFORE their trial to see their lawyer “in action,” and (2) Actually publish the calendar of their public appearances, court cases, races and Continuing Legal Education programming. But remember,

Always call the day before you come to see us in action !

Cases set on a court’s schedule can be cancelled (like when the storms struck in September !), continued, postponed, settled, re-scheduled for mediation or arbitration. So, always call our office the day before you want to come and watch to make sure the insurance company has not paid for the losses caused by the negligent defendant or unsafe employer at “the 24th hour.” Your time is valuable. We do not want any client, family member, friend or neighbor to make a wasted trip. Doug Landau has even encouraged people to observe other cases that are not from the Herndon Reston law firm ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd., when there is little time before a client’s own Hearing or trial. To that end, here are some upcoming dates:

Date Place Case, Race &/or Program

2/2/2012 Social Security Disability Hearing, Richmond office of Hearings and Appeals, VA

2/9-15/2012 American Association for Justice, (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America) Winter Convention, Phoenix, AZ

2/12/2012 “Double Down” races for Downs Syndrome, Phoenix, AZ

2/23/2012 Social Security Disability Income Administrative Law Judge Hearing, Washington D.C.

2/24/2012 Prince William County Circuit court, Manassas, VA Motion to Compel Discovery in a fast food slip and fall case

2/26/2012 Jack Corkey Memorial Aquathon at the Herndon Virginia Community Center, sponsored by ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd.

2/27/2012 Hanover, VA – Hanover Junior Idol Competition (spectator, not as a competitor !)

2/27-3/1/2012 Depositions in Jacksonville, FL and Atlanta, GA for an disabled trucker’s Fulton County, GA injury case

2/28/2012 Annual Science Fair (Judge), The Madeira School, McLean, VA

3/9/2012 Social Security Disability Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, Washington, D.C.

3/13/2012 Social Security Disability Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, Washington, D.C.

3/30-4/2/2012 Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Annual Convention, The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

4/12/2012 Virginia Workers Compensation Hearing, Northern Virginia Regional Office (Employers Application cutting worker off)

4/16/2012 Spotsylvania, Virginia Hearing before senior Deputy Commissioner (RSD or CRPS as a “compensable consequence”)

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