Coal mine injury and fatal accident cases are difficult to bring in small towns

Trying cases for injured workers in small towns against the major employer requires experience and resources
Trying cases for injured workers in small towns against the major employer requires experience, staffing and resources

Having tried cases for injured mine workers and travelled to the mining areas of West Virginia, occupational injury lawyer Doug Landau has been following the news reports of the recent mine explosion that took over two dozen miner’s lives. A Washington Post article about the recent mining explosion in West Virginia that killed 25 people stated that the mining industry wields major political clout in Washington thanks to hefty campaign contributions to GOP lawmakers and expensive lobbying efforts aimed at blunting the impact of environment- and safety-related legislation. The industry is currently finding itself under massive scrutiny after the WV disaster.

As the major employer in some rural small towns, it is very difficult for the injured workers to find a competent, experienced workers comp lawyer, let alone bring a claim against the major (and best paying) employer in the region.  Doug Landau has tried cases in Lebanon and Covington, Virginia as well as Bluefield, Princeton and Charleston, West Virginia for disabled and injured workers and their families.  ABRAMS LANDAU has successfully won workers compensation claims, Social Security Disability cases and negligence lawsuits for Virginia and West Virginia clients.  If you or someone you know has been injured or become disabled as the result of a mine collapse, explosion or other accident, please e-mail or call ABRAMS LANDAU (703-796-9555) today.

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