Brain Initiative Announced by President Obama

Girl Scouts
The President’s Brain Initiative will hopefully lead to new cures for brain disease and trauma – by the time these Centreville Virginia Brownies are in College, treatment and understanding of brain function will have advanced significantly

President Obama announced his BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative, which the White House describes as “a bold new research effort to revolutionize our understanding of the human mind.”  Herndon brain injury lawyer Doug Landau welcomes this new human brain research initiative.

Just as the American Medical Association’s “Decade of the Brain” helped draw attention to diseases and disabilities afflicting many ABRAMS LANDAU clients, this new initiative and funding will hopefully do the same. As President Obama  said, “there’s this enormous mystery waiting to be unlocked, and the BRAIN Initiative will change that by giving scientists the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action, and better understand how we think and how we learn and how we remember. And that knowledge could be – will be – transformative.” To read the NPR interview or listen to the interview of National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins by NPR’s Ira Flatow, click here.

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