Bill’s Barbecue closes the end of a Richmond Landmark

A souvenir from Bill's Barbeque
A souvenir from Bill’s Barbeque

Meeting Richmond area clients to prepare them for their Workers Compensation claims at Bill’s Barbecue was something Doug Landau looked forward to during his Virginia Capitol road trips. Some clients felt more at home down the street from the Virginia Comp Commission headquarters. Because it had more of a homey feel than some sterile national chain, Bill’s was special. The Herndon injury lawyer will miss the friendly staff, the limeades and the delicious pies. The motto for Bill’s is “A Trial A Customer Makes for Life.”  Lawyer Landau thinks this is a perfect motto for a trial lawyer, so there are Bill’s souvenirs around the Landau Law Shop. Landau visited several Richmond locations a fortnight ago to get in one last meal, but they were all closed. For a prior post on Bill’s Barbecue click here.

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