Always keep your eye on the ball (the big picture)

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DSCN0138.JPGYou may have heard me remind clients and staff alike to “keep their eye on the big picture.”  Too often, plaintiffs and plaintiffs lawyers get tied up in the minutiae of the cases, losing sight of the “big picture.”  It is important to remain focused on the ultimate goal of the case, and to marshal energy, resources and time to accomplish this goal.  This takes self discipline and deep concentration.  As you can see in the photo, Melissa is concentrating deeply on making her shot, eliminating distractions, and planting a steady hand.  Likewise, when we take on a case for an injured client, we will schedule time to think deeply and plan strategy, eliminate distractions and establish a solid foundation of evidence, exhibits and legal research.  Like a good billiards shot, cases on behalf of disabled workers, brain injured clients, workplace fatalities and the victims of dog attacks and bites cannot be rushed if they are to be done right.  AND, like a pool shot  in a high stakes match, you do not get a second chance or “do over.”  At ABRAMS LANDAU, Ltd. law shop in Herndon, Virginia, we do it the old fashioned way, through hard work, thorough preparation and involvement of our clients from beginning to end.

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